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Nutgrove Community Centre, 2 Govett Road, St. Helens WA9 5NH

At Thatto Heath Playdays we believe that children are active learners, we have created a vibrant and stimulating environment that will encourage your children to develop and reach their full potential.

Our nursery is based around two separate rooms which means children are able to develop at their own pace and can move onto a more challenging environment when the time is right.

The Toddler Room

The Toddler Room can take chiidren from 24mths - 36mths

The Toddler room is an open-plan, brightly designed room. The children have fun learning new skills and exploring this stimulating environment. Activities are based on the children’s interests and staff help to expand their play by offering ideas and support.

We provide many activities for the children such as singing, story time, messy play and outdoor play. The main part of the room has lots of exciting equipment in, including a role play area, a cosy book area and a small world area. We also have a sleep / relax room for the children who need a sleep or relax during the day.

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The Pre - school Room

The Pre-school room can take children from 3-5 years

The Pre-school room offers a more structured approach to each day, with clearly defined areas to accommodate different activities appropriate to the competence of each child.  The children in our pre-school room are provided with activities that allow them to build on their existing skills as well as having the opportunity to take part in new experiences and explore the world around them. The children will be involved in lots of fun experiences which will provide a rich scope of learning. The children will get involved in a wide range of activities such as mark-making, problem solving, cooking, ICT, creative projects and learning about the world and cultural events.

We encourage our children to be school ready by learning to be independent in certain skills; such as toileting, putting on their own coat and shoes, learning phonics and encouraging children to write their own name. Our Pre-School is designed to develop children’s confidence in learning, self-esteem and social skills, thereby equipping them for their continued education as they make their transition to school. Transition is managed by key members of nursery staff liaising with all schools that our children will attend.

Our Pre-school children wear a uniform that can be purchased from the nursery office.

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The Outdoor Area

At Thatto Heath Playdays we believe that the best way for children to learn is with hands on experiences, we see the outdoor play area as an extension of the learning experiences provided for each child within the nursery. Children love exploring outdoors, and our safe and secure play area gives them a wealth of opportunities to investigate the natural world whilst developing their learning.

We also take the children out of the nursery on local outings; to the Library, the park, the   local care home and many other places.

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